Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 12-16, 2010 - Remember!

The day before the 14th Annual Mayors' Conference, Sister Tibon asked Akamra and Samson and I to perform the musical number. We practiced Sunday night in this beautiful conference center - that's our little keyboard off to the far right off the platform. The kids had two handheld microphones and sang just to the right of the head table on the platform.
Sister Tibon works in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and organized many of the events in the 14th Annual Mayors Conference for the Marshall Islands held July 12-13, 2010.
Akamra and Samson pose in the conference room before everyone enters on July 12 - they sang the musical number "How Great Shall Be Your Joy", broadcast to the Marshall Islands by radio, 95.5 FM.
The leader of the Marshall Islands High School Choir, Malaelupe Samifua, and Julian, a member of the church and of the choir - the choir sang the National Anthem at the beginning of the annual welcome meeting for the Council of Mayors. They were dynamite!
Before all the mayors of the different islands came into the room, Akamra and Samson and I met the Honorable Mayor of Ailuk, Mrs. Jack. She is the only woman mayor and is so warm and personable and doing so much good for her island.
Akamra and Sampson sang right before the keynote address to the Council of Mayors by the president of the Marshall Islands, His Excellency Juralang Zedkiah. It was a wonderful experience.

July 15th, 2010 - President and Sister Shaw made it! The pilot landed safely on what looks like (from the approach) a tiny strip of runway. Elder Mackey and Elder Lasky, the two Assistants to the two Presidents - the Hopoates and the Shaws.

July 16th finally came - all day there were pictures with the departing Hopoates - this is Elder Hill, who has a Cokeville connection to the Teicherts. His Aunt Chris married Matthew Teichert (see you at the Teichert Reunions in Cokeville, Elder Hill!)

Sister Cummings and Sister Teichert - we kept her healthy and going through the end of her mission. The flower in my hair was chosen by her and given to me last Christmas by her companion Sister Kitiona - wonderful memories.

Elder Gilbert and Sister Teichert - Farnsworth cousins forever..

A parting shot with President and Sister Hopoate - smiling through our tears.

President and Sister Tibon made it to the airport just before the final boarding call...

A fond island farewell to dear friends.

It's time - all four are about ready to go through the boarding door. This is a Sister Cummings and an Elder Gilbert shot if there ever was one - I will one ever dies...