Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brother Price and my companion

See, girls? There's Brother Price - he's a branch President, I think. And here is my companion, Diane Ellison from California. She is going to be the medical specialist for the West Indies - we're both on the equator, just 20 hours apart around the belly of the earth.

'Chance Meetings'

On the second day Elder Zach Teichert's companion noticed my name tag at dinner. After staring at my name tag he said, "Sister Teichert, my companion's ELDER Teichert..." and he ran to get him. Zach's parents are Michael and Valerie (Uncle John and Aunt Dorothy) and they live in Winnemucca, NV. The last time I saw Zach was in Cokeville, when he was about 5. He said that I looked famililar to him when he opened the door for me an hour before at the bookstore. I could have met him an hour earlier if I would have looked at HIS name tag - but I remember thinking what fine young men there are here at the MTC - I don't think I opened a door for myself all week if there were Elders around. We took the above picture the next day after planning to meet with our cameras - it was his P-day, and his companion showed up in grubbies - Zach showed up in his suit!

Then on Friday, I heard someone say "Elder Teichert!" I turned around and there was Zach again - the fourth time we had seen each other - I had my camera, so we took this picture, just a few days before he leaves for the Cincinnati mission. He is such a fine young man - I'm sure it was OK that we hugged goodby - it's OK to get a grandma hug from your Dad's cousin's wife in front of your daughters' old Seminary teacher, Brother Price! He says to tell you girls HELLO!

MTC Landing, 14 September 2009

Kim and Sophie took Grandma Diane right up to the front doors of the MTC in Provo - Sophie was a little confused (and I think inspired to avoid something emotional), so Grandma got a little kiss from her, and a big hug from Kim. Then I walked through the front doors and two brethren greeted me: "Welcome, sister. How are you?" Without visible tears, I said, "I think I'm crying." I think to lighten things up a bit he said, "Sister, I think you are here on the wrong day. The young sisters come on Wednesday." I wonder how often he lightens a new senior sister's day with that one:)