Thursday, August 27, 2009


The Marshall Islands Majuro Mission is in need of a nurse - and President Monson has tapped me for the assignment. Ever since Bishop Lott told me (under inspiration) last January that I needed to start preparing for a mission so that I would be ready when the call came, the preparation process has been gently relentless.
The call came on July 15th, and the Marshall Islands Republic has become a hot spot for our family and friends - as we learn about that remarkable area of the world and the people who inhabit the atolls and the missionaries and missionary couples who serve them, my family and I are already connected with them. They have become part of our world, and soon I will literally become a part of theirs.
When someone discovers that I have been called on a mission and they ask where, I ask them to guess which continent - they usually go through all 7, and it is none of them. Where I am going, there are only coral reefs called atolls, covered by sand and vegetation and some of the most remarkable people who have sustained themselves and flourish in the very middle of a vast ocean. As my brother-in-law says, "There is no land, atoll."
In a few weeks I go into the MTC in Provo for training, and then I will fly to Majuro in a two day trip from Salt Lake City.
I will officially begin reporting at touchdown in of now, the preparation continues. If you are interested, check out the official mission blog: