Thursday, August 27, 2009


The Marshall Islands Majuro Mission is in need of a nurse - and President Monson has tapped me for the assignment. Ever since Bishop Lott told me (under inspiration) last January that I needed to start preparing for a mission so that I would be ready when the call came, the preparation process has been gently relentless.
The call came on July 15th, and the Marshall Islands Republic has become a hot spot for our family and friends - as we learn about that remarkable area of the world and the people who inhabit the atolls and the missionaries and missionary couples who serve them, my family and I are already connected with them. They have become part of our world, and soon I will literally become a part of theirs.
When someone discovers that I have been called on a mission and they ask where, I ask them to guess which continent - they usually go through all 7, and it is none of them. Where I am going, there are only coral reefs called atolls, covered by sand and vegetation and some of the most remarkable people who have sustained themselves and flourish in the very middle of a vast ocean. As my brother-in-law says, "There is no land, atoll."
In a few weeks I go into the MTC in Provo for training, and then I will fly to Majuro in a two day trip from Salt Lake City.
I will officially begin reporting at touchdown in of now, the preparation continues. If you are interested, check out the official mission blog:


  1. We are so excited for this next chapter in your life to begin! As I've watched you consider and then commit to serving this mission, I have often marveled at your courage and strength. You know where to find strength and you don't doubt Him. The experiences you have over the next 18 months will be read and affect generations of your posterity years from now. Thank you for being courageous and valiant enough to make a difference for me and for my children. The Lord qualifies whom He calls and we are excited to see how you magnify this calling. We love you!!!

  2. Nice picture!! I still can't believe that you're gone!! *(sniff)*