Monday, October 18, 2010

Grateful Elders

One of the Moms of one of our missionaries determined that there were some clothing needs in our mission.  A box arrived in the mail with shirts, pants, belts, ties, socks (which her own son needed desperately - how do Moms know?), and two pairs of great sandal shoes.  One just happened to fit Elder Sanchez, who has been seeking a good pair of shoes for a few months after his own wore out.
Elder Ralpho's new pants and belt.  Thanks, Mom.
Two other Elders benefited from the box on Saturday, October 16th, after we had all assembled at the new Mission Home to watch the last two sessions of General Conference.
Four of our five Marshallese Elders now serving in our mission - Elder Amram, Elder Dinteru, Elder Ralpho, and  Elder Kimbar.  Elder D and Elder R are still trying to get to the Provo MTC for the training for their missions in Papua New Guinea, and we get them until they leave.  They are fine young men. With this picture you also get a peek at the inside of the new Mission Home.

A larger peek at the new mission home filled with Elders...(and Sister Christensen :-)...

                                                                      ...and Sisters.

These two pictures were taken October 13th:  in place of District Meetings, we met all together for the first time in the new Home - the anticipation was high for the first two sessions of Conference.

You can see the corner of the screen that the Davidsons had set up in front, you can see Sister Shaw (who has worked so tirelessly to prepare the mission home), and you can see a half-hearted effort of the Marshallese habit to have their arms around each other as they walk or wait - it would be true Marshallese style if all 4 had their arms outstretched around each other.  It is amazing how many customs we have picked up.  Just ask us a question that has a YES answer, and all you will get sometimes is a raise of the eyebrows.

In between watching Conference we sent off three great Elders for their homes after they had served for two years in the Marshall Islands - Elder Parco, Elder Wright, and Elder Enlow.

It's always hard to leave... 
and to let them leave...



Sister Hasu left for home one hour after the last session of conference ended for us on October 16th - what a way for these three Elders and one Sister to end their missions - spending time all together as a mission with the prophets' current teachings ringing in our ears and fresh in our hearts.
                                                                      Bar lo komiean

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  1. I love the pictures of the Elders saying goodbye next to the ocean. And I'll have to start practicing my eyebrow raise. I love each post - seeing you and seeing where you are and who you love.