Friday, November 26, 2010

November racing by

November 6th, 2010
Migel Latrick's baptism in the Marshall Islands - 18 hours later my Indy was baptized in Texas on her birthday, November 6th.
Migel was baptized by his brother, Johnny, who is leaving on a mission in December.  Behind Migel is his mom and then his sister Corina and brother Ali.  I teach Corina and Ali piano.  Elder Corry completes the picture - he and Elder Dew taught Migel to prepare him for baptism - a blessing to the whole family.

Two pictures before the power went out:
Elder Fa'alogo and Elder Gulbransen, Zone Leaders
                                                                               Corina and I - she is one of my dedicated students.

November 11th - JoJo's birthday.  Karen and I went to visit her at her home in Rita - she was at school, but I met JoJo's older sister and her nieces and nephews.
                    We met up with her and went for ice cream at Payless - Happy Birthday, JoJo!

November 12th was the Hewstones 50th wedding anniversary - they invited all of us senior missionaries to lunch at Special Restaurant to celebrate. The next day we all went for a picnic at Laura Beach to continue honoring them.

The day before Elder Gulbransen leaves for Ebon - his companion, Elder Fa'alogo, opened up Ebon with Elder Gilbert

Parting shot with Elder Gulbransen - from office Elder to Zone Leader to outer island Elder - this Elder runs with whatever assignment he has and gives it his best.  Ebon is in for something great.

November 19th - Departure Day for three strong Elders - Elder Dew, Elder Corry, Elder Isom.

Sister Christensen getting last minute instructions from Elder Dew.

From the confidence in the air-conditioned office, wearing those long-sleeved shirts and suitcoats that haven't been donned for 2 years.... the overwhelming heat of the airport - all good Marshall Islands' Elders and Sisters own fans.

Bar lo komijil...
  ...see you three Utah Elders in not too many months when I make a departure day of my own.

November 20th-21st
Laura District Ward Activity and Fireside
The eight Elders and Sisters in the Laura District (which covers Laura, Arrok, Woje, and Ajeltake) designed a two day event for the Laura Ward and Ajeltake Branch,  They invited the Senior couples to join them.   Boy, are we glad we did.
First we gathered in teams around a flag according to a colored wrist string.
Let the games begin.
Elder Swain getting a little help from his friend Elder Pritchard for his game.

When we began switching chairs in Elder Moimoi's game, this little girl didn't like it when this big Ri-belle sat next to her.  Elder Davidson, the Grandpa he is, took it in stride.
Our green wristband team "Ether", named after the last Book of Mormon Jaredite prophet.

A coconut leaf basket-making class for us Ri-belles - amazing skills!
Then it was time to eat, Marshallese style, in coconut leaf plates.

Birds flew above us all day long.

The sky was overcast and threatened rain all day, but some worried Elders had their morning prayers.  It rained all around us, but not on us, for the entire day.   Here's some of the grateful Elders:

Elder Moimoi, Elder Sanchez, Elder Swain - serving the ward members and guests after the games...
and Elder Pritchard, District Leader responsible for the idea, and along with his remarkable District, the actualization of it.

But WAIT, that was only Saturday.   For the culminating Fireside Sunday evening, the Elders and sisters made anywhere from four to nine cakes per companionship...

and they had all the Senior missionaries bring two each...

The Fireside itself was a remarkable meeting - Pres. Tibon spoke, there were three musical numbers, testimonies of recent converts telling their conversion stories, a video of Mark Mabry's "Reflections of Christ" pictures, and a slide show of the fun the day before.  How these Elders and Sisters put all this together and still went to church and taught people after church is a wonder of organization.  Elder Swain said that he was so grateful that so many enjoyed it - he was so busy that he missed most of it. :)
Sister Tuimoala, Sister Ve'e, Sister Christensen, Elder Pritchard, Elder Swain, Elder Christensen.
Elder Pritchard, Sister Ve'e, Elder Swain, Sister Teichert, Elder Moimoi
The Marshallese have a tradition of honoring their guests with wut (wreaths of fresh island flowers)  Mine was so fragrant - my favorite:  meria!

Thanksgiving - November 25, 2010 - in the Mission Home
Pres. and Sister Shaw are on island!
Elder Fa'alogo, Elder Swain, Elder Steele
The three in front:  Elder Taylor, Elder Moimoi, Elder Cherrington

                                              Elder Fa'alogo - he's a Samoan - what is some of this?
Some of these Elders can put it away.
                                                     Elder Nawahine and Sister Christensen
Elder Pritchard and Elder Fa'alogo - ready to begin.  While I was still working on my first (and only) plate, they managed two easily.
After the meal, Pres. Shaw showed us "Joseph Smith: the Prophet of the Restoration".  'Shall we not go on in so great a cause?'
Two new Elders arrived that morning - Elder Kalua'u and Elder Rigby, on the ends of Elder Fa'alogo and Elder Bulloch.  We received great strength when they came today.  Move forward.


  1. I still can't believe you are there having these experiences. I keep shaking my head when I see you there in pictures. You have a lot of determination and courage, Mom. You know that? Thanks for being a hero to me. Love you!

  2. I thought I'd post a quick comment to say thank you for this excellent blog entry! I loved reading about the parties, the weather, the basket weaving... and particularly enjoyed the pictures.

    My baby brother is one of the new Elders, Elder Rigby. Since his call we've been trying to learn as much as we can about missionary life in the Marshall Islands. My mom has found your blog, as well as a couple of other senior missionaries', and it's given us a wonderful glimpse into the goings on there.

    I hope you don't mind my poking around here some more. Cuz I plan to. :)

    Merry Christmas and may God continue to bless you in your efforts and your family while you're away from them.

    Christy Broadhead