Monday, February 28, 2011

A new camera sent by Yvonne!

So many thanks, my sister - the last month and a half of this mission will now be remembered...
Here are the two assistants that were last on my old camera - now they are first on Yvonne's new one - Elder Rix and Elder Afioga.

Some catch-up pictures - 27 December 2010
Sorting donations of white shirts...
(Elder Taylor, Elder Fu'e, Elder Fa'alogo)
and sorting ties.

JoJo leaves the island - a fond farewell - sisters in our red again.

Big day - 31 Dec 2010 - Elder Taylor got his bike fixed (Ajeltake is a big area - celebrations are in order when bikes work!); Terisha is baptized!; President Shaw barbeques out in the heat for our New Year's Eve party for senior missionaries at the Mission Home:

Long Island Ward's New Year's Day party to welcome the New Year 2011, and to celebrate the building of the Stake Center 6 years ago.  The Elders organized a game of dancing - whoever moved when the music stopped got to sit down - last man standing won.  Barry Bellu was terrific, but the young boy won.
My dear friend, Bertine, and her special New Year's gift to me - 2011 is the year I am supposed to go home - what?  Already?
Rosemillie and Jownie Bellu do a Hawaiian floor show for the ward New Year's Day party.  Dancing runs in the Bellu family...

Now jump to February, after the Bednars visit to the Marshall Islands in January 2011...playing with the new smile feature on my new camera - Sister Hansen discovered it when I went out to help the Sisters with some apartment issues and checked our keys:
The camera takes a picture automatically if you smile, and doesn't if you don't.  Here's some fun with that feature at our girl's night out on Feb 25th:
                                             Rosa, Julian, Marie, and Karen at the Pattersons
          Two out of three smiling manages to click the shutter - Sister Davidson, Laurie, and Sister Christensen.

Happy birthday to Marie and Karen and iakwe iakwe for Sister Teichert at our girls night out:

Brian and Sam's baptism by Elder Steele and Elder Teriba.  Elder Blacker and Elder Kalua'u were able to attend after having been able to teach them as well.

My wonderful Filipino neighbors had a good-by party; we had wonderful Filipino food and sang Kareoke til midnight!

Myriam singing away...!

Young Women in Excellence     March 2011      Long Island Ward
Faith, Divine nature, Individual worth, Knowledge, Choice & accountability, Good works, Integrity, Virtue
           Refreshments after in the courtyard - Bishop Anien, Gary, Pres. Enos, Bro. Levai

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