Sunday, March 27, 2011

The last week and home!

Inez (a Filipina seamstress) finished my dress just in time.  She took the pattern from Juana Bellu's dress that she had made in Hawaii.  The occasion?  A iakwe-iakwe at the Levai's.

                                   Rosa and Karen with their Sister Lytle hats for the girls!

                  The Tibons and I at the BYU-H workshops led by Sister Cummings mother.
                         Sister Shaw, Sister Lei Cummings, Sister Teichert - a sweet meeting...
...during the larger meeting.
Sue and Jiki - learning more entreprenurial avenues at the workshop - they are a great couple from Ejit.
That same day Sister Ruiz and Sister Howard invited me to be with them to introduce some investigators to the chapel at Long Island...

                                                                ...a wonderful hour.
 Knowing that I was leaving soon, I took pictures I normally wouldn't, like the view of the one road on island.
Here's Sister Howard and Sister Ruiz at the Angel Store and Laundry near their home, buying a dozen eggs for $2.75.

March 5, 2011 - Jiki and Sue's two sons, 9 and 11, were baptized by Elder Waqatairewa in Rita.
So much happiness...
My translators while I played the organ at the baptism - Elder Moimoi and Elder Fa'alogo

March 6 - Chlora and BJ in church
My last Primary Meeting in Long Island...
My last Relief Society - Sister Anien writing the agenda for the meeting on the board.
My Primary friends, saying good by after church.  Rosemillie (in blue in the back) slipped me the most beautiful note.
A great young woman, my friend, Jownie.
Monday, March 7 - Elder Taylor and Elder Rareba at their home in Ajeltake.
Visiting Sister Reiher in the last week was about seeing the people I love.
A chance meeting with Elder Steele and Elder Teriba in the Payless parking lot...
Wohoo!  More chance meetings!  The Sisters!
                            Goodby to these fine Elders - Edwards, Taylor, Christensen, Rareba. 
Elder Edwards confided "I can't imagine a Teichertless mission."  Well, I can't imagine a missionless Teichert.
One more chance to say goodby to my fine District Leader, Elder Steele, and his companion Elder Teriba.

Later that night, a wonderful last FHE with Jorau and Nettie's family.  "Sister Teichert, tonight you are our family."
Tuesday, March 8 - my last office staff meeting
Saying goodby to the Enos family...
and to Rena's
Elder Humrich, Elder Fa'alogo, Sister Teichert, Elder Rigby, Elder Rix - Elder Rix and I leave in 3 days.

My last District meeting March 8 - they are planning a great Fireside that I will miss...what great young missionaries...

My car that has served me faithfully
The Delap Chapel courtyard
Saying goodby to Akneti and her family and Marie...

Thursday, March 9 - saying goodby to Elder Bulloch and Elder Cherrington in Arrok...
Saying goodby to the children at Laura Beach...
Saying goodby to the missionaries at the Rongalap house in Laura...
Elder Christensen, Elder Pritchard, Elder Abakite, Elder Edwards (my Farnsworth cousin)

Saying goodby to Brother Rakinmento in Laura who was baptized in the lagoon...
I took this for you, Kyle - the highest point in Majuro - 16 feet above sea level...right across from the Rakinmentos' home.
The coconut tree canopy on the ride home from Laura...
Saying goodby to the Sisters at our Sisters' luncheon at the mission home - as usual, no electricity at this one either :)  Sister Ruiz had to cook her fantastic enchiladas in Delap...
The last piano lesson with Namiko - lots of tears shed after this one...
Karen and her mother found me late at night and presented me with this jaki - aibuijuij!
Friday March 11th - it's here - block the way, Elders, don't let us go.
Elder Fu'e, Elder Fa'alogo, Elder Afioga

Elder Rigby and Elder Humrich getting all my food, and cleaning cupboards and more in return.
It's time to go - my Relief Society Sisters...
Elder Rix, Sister Teichert, Meetu and children and the girls...
We are sad...
but we will be happy at the tree.
The army made a presence on island for a few days - we are so grateful for these young men.
Saying goodby to Lora...
Three great friends - Lora, Diane, and Brooke (plus Ati)
John and Lora, Elder and Sister Christensen, Sister Shaw
Elder Rix and I and the Assistants, Elder Fa'alogo and Elder Afioga
Reminds me of when Elder Gllbert left, only this time I was leaving...
After all the goodbyes, our flight was cancelled becauase of the tsunami warning from the devastating Japan earthquake.  Elder Humrich and Elder Rigby had been instructed by the President to get me at the airport and bring me to the new addition above the mission office with every Elder and Sister on island.  I got to see everyone one last time.
The Shaws invited Elder Rix and I to stay at the Mission Home before our flight out on March 12th.  Luckily there was a Saturday flight that Continental had just added, or we would have been on island a few more days.  Me just outside of my room on the second floor with the ocean in the background.
Ed and Lee Anne Kinghorn surprised Elder Rix and I at the Hawaii airport with their wonderful presence and leis!
They took us to the airport hotel that the church had booked for me, and as they did, surprised Elder Rix by buying him the last room availble.  It was an incredible blessing for him and for me the next morning when Elder Rix was there to help me with my luggage. We love you, Ed and Lee Anne - komoltata!
Goodby, Elder Rix - see you at a mission reunion...
I wasn't able to take pictures at the airport when I saw my family waiting at the bottom of the escalator for me, but I took pictures with my heart... here are Kraig and Collette and I the next morning in my new home...I was overewhelmed.  I went from love in the Marshall Islands to love at home.

                                               How could I be any more blessed?


  1. What a beautiful family you have, Sister Teichert! So glad you are home safe and sound. Thank you for all that you have done for my son, Elder Steele! He loves and admires you truly were his second mother on the island! Would love to see you sometime or talk on the phone, soon. Love, Jessica Steele

  2. Mom. I just got a chance to look at this. . . it made me homesick for the Marshall Islands and I haven't even been there!!!!! It was so neat for me to look at the pictures and think that's where you walked and lived. I bet you still dream about it and wake up wondering where you are, eh? I love you. Thank you for serving this mission. . . and for coming back. : )

  3. These were wonderful pictures, Sister Teichert! I arrived at the island shortly after you left and heard all about the wonderful things you did for the people. Thank you for your service. I took up a few of your piano students, but I'm not as passionate about teaching it. So we're trying to set up an English class instead now with the mission. I hope it works (I was a missionary under President Tad Callister in Toronto and we had such a good time teaching English)! It will hopefully teach the members how to read the scriptures and invite new investigators to the church. Always lots of good projects to be involved in here in Majuro! Thanks again for the wonderful spirit of friendship and working together that I felt as people talked about you. The Woods are now here and settling in and they are great too. Glad you had a chance to talk with them. Take care, Jamie Z.