Saturday, September 19, 2009

MTC Landing, 14 September 2009

Kim and Sophie took Grandma Diane right up to the front doors of the MTC in Provo - Sophie was a little confused (and I think inspired to avoid something emotional), so Grandma got a little kiss from her, and a big hug from Kim. Then I walked through the front doors and two brethren greeted me: "Welcome, sister. How are you?" Without visible tears, I said, "I think I'm crying." I think to lighten things up a bit he said, "Sister, I think you are here on the wrong day. The young sisters come on Wednesday." I wonder how often he lightens a new senior sister's day with that one:)


  1. I am so glad we at least took a picture! It felt so strange to just walk right up and have to say goodbye just like that. Love you Mom!

  2. YAKWEH! I am so glad you are going to a people that I love so much. Some of the first baptisms I had on my mission were Marhallese. I wish I could have showed you all the cool stuff they gave me and pics I had from my time with them. You are going to be such a blessing to them! Good luck!