Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life as it comes on the fast track

Service changing my lightbulbs by Elder Fa'alogo and Elder Enlow - they also had to sing for their supper - we need them to sing with the YMYW choir this Sunday and no time to practice...

Eker Keeley and Elder Gilbert - the Lord's outer island connection...(more in future blogs)

Can you find the gecko on my windshield? He stayed there the whole way back from Uliga to Long Island...great grippers for toes.

Sister Avery, Sister Cummings, and Sister Kitiona on their way to a lesson as I head for the Post Office - Dr. Tana would be so proud of them wearing sun glasses in this equatorial sun bath. Sister Avery goes home in 6 days to the waiting arms of a fiancee. He's one lucky guy.

Corinna playing her first piece hands together reading bass clef and treble clef - recognize the book, Kim?

Deborahs' second lesson - her first in her new book!

Elder Keeley's minor 2nd Jaws and an unsuspecting Deborah!

The Long Island District - 22 January 2010

Elder Enlow and I were the photographers - we weren't smart enough to do a Jeremy thing and do it with the automatic timer...

Sister Bell made some great crockpot soup by which we all were nourished after a great district meeting - Elder Thomson (New Zealand) who is going home in 5 days, Elder Haddock whose birthday is a day away, Elder Ahlstrom who is always steady and sure. These Elders would be a joy to any mission president. Come to think of it, we have a whole mission of Elders and Sisters who fit that description. What a lucky president we have.


  1. I love seeing all those good missionaries faces. You don't have a bad one in the bunch, do you? I am glad to see that the piano books are being put to good use. I know how lucky those piano students are to have you. They can't possibly know who they have to teach them. You are doing a lot of good!