Saturday, January 30, 2010

The setting, the people...

Laurie Patterson in her office at the College of the Marshall Islands - before it was hers, it was a Vice President's office, and before that it was the Maternity Ward of the old hospital. Laurie has become almost indispensible with her mounting responsibilities that they keep piling on her plate. Maybe her motto should be "Laurie delivers!"

Sister Bell and I measuring and cutting curtains for the Ebeye Sisters' apartment from the Delap Chapel curtains - that water cooler has been moved to a perfect place for thirsty workers and traveling missionaries - now if we could just get the rehydration fluid closer...

When I was at the Delap chapel teaching piano lessons, the three sisters came because they had a baptism that evening. Sister Kitiona and I picked up some nearly dead flowers and put them in our hair - Sister Cummings and Sister Avery picked some fresh ones! Beautiful Sisters, those 3!

The big shell in the window sill is Sister Lytle's - the littler one is a clam shell I found at Laura Beach.

Here's two views of the laundromat and neighborhood buildings from my living room window.

The view from my bedroom window is a family neighborhood cemetery - they just had a burial, so they are cleaning up the fallen leaves and burning them under the tree.

It is possible to have good old fashioned homemade American hamburgers occasionally. Elder Keeley and Elder Gilbert savor the moment...

Elder Haddock, Elder Ahlstrom, President Smith - These Elders are the West Zone Leaders out in the "country", where Laura, Arrok, and Ajeltake take up the West end of Majuro. Their Zone also includes Long Island and the outer islands of Ebeye, Lae and Jaluit. They come into the office at least once a week or more - this time their traveling President was on island! The missionaries all love their president.


  1. Beautiful people and scenery! (Little envy)
    Getting to wear flip flops every day. (Major envy!!)

  2. Hi Diane! Love reading your blog and seeing you - it looks absolutely gorgeous there - what a beautiful place to be serving!! You can see love in everyone's eyes - especially yours - thanks for letting us share a little bit of it with you! Love you - miss you!

  3. Post more pics of the scenery! It helps me visualize where you are. I love the pics looking out your window.