Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My little friend...

AJ is my next door neighbor - he and I love to meet each other - we have our own language that only he and I understand - it is somewhere between English and Filipino, but it is a very exciting language and we get a lot communicated. He LOVES books, and we sit on the porch swing of his grandparents and read - thank you, Kim for sending the latest Dr. Seuss books! His imagination is amazing.
Nearly everyday AJ's grandpa is is out on the porch - it is a joy to have them as neighbors.


  1. Front porches are so fun. AJ must love reading with you as much as your grandkids. :-)

  2. What a cute little boy. I'm sure he fills a need for you to be with your own grandkids. By the way, has he been to see an eye doctor for that lazy eye? If his parents start patching his good eye for at least 6 hours a day, the brain will start sending signals to the lazy eye and it may correct itself. We had great success with Indy's eye through patching. If he can get in to see an eye doctor they can determine if it is a prescriptive or a muscle problem. I can send patches if they are interested. Let me know.