Sunday, March 21, 2010

THE BIG WEEK - 13 March-20 MARCH 2010

Our big week began with the visit of Elder Wakolo, who came on island to teach two great firesides and to help the Translation Department. He is the uncle of one of our missionaries, Elder Moimoi,who is on an outer island. On his last day here he came out to the Rugby field to say goodby to the Elders and Sisters - Sister Cummings and Elder Wakolo.
The waves crashing against the pier next to the one bridge on island - high tide the next day (3/16/2010) as we welcomed the Davidsons from Wyoming, our new CES and Humanitarian senior couple...taking them shopping at their new shopping mecca, Payless!

Sister Davidson and Sister Bell, her mentor - if you need it, just get it - don't look at the price!

The Davidsons in front of their new home.

3/17/2010 - The day of exchange finally arrived - President Smith welcomes President and Sister Hopoate to the mission home...

The Hopoates meet a few of the Elders at the mission office.

The Long Island Ward Yokwe Yokwe for departing Elders usually always begins with a wonderful hymn and a prayer; then we eat...with the honored guests starting off the line...

The yokwe yokwe - giving love and gratitude to the missionaries who gave two years. (3/13/2010)

Speaking one last time to their Long Island Family - Elder Knecht...

Elder Keeley...

Elder Heimuli.
Elder Haddock and Elder Dew - the departure look and the island look.

Elder Haddock using the shoehorn he has kept for two years just for this moment...

President Smith - where are those missionaries?

Elder Keeley.

Elder Heimuli.

Brother Ottoafie and Elder Knecht.

President Smith with an island tribute from Brother Ottowafie - a lei of fragrant meria.

Elder Keeley and Sister Teichert.

Elder Hewstone, Elder Haddock, Elder Knecht, Elder Heimuli, Sister Hewstone.

After leaving the airport, I went straight to the Stake Center for the Stake Relief Society Birthday Celebration. They had asked me to teach a class on nutrition, and my message was simple, right from Dr. and Sister Fuller: eat a rainbow of colors. If the Sisters will prepare meals as colorfully as they dress, their families will be in good hands.

Our amazing Zone Conference was on Friday, March 19, 2010. The day before, on the 18th, we had five new Elders and Sisters join us: Sister Anterea, Sister Ruiz, Elder Horan, Elder Blacker, and Elder Taylor. Elder Taylor is from my home town and just one month ago he was in my sister's home, being with his best friend, my nephew, Danny. He is going to be a wonderful asset to the mission. All five new Elders and Sisters will be - what strength we received that day.


  1. I can't believe were you are living. If I ever go on a mission I hope I go the the ilands too.

  2. Big changes for the mission. It looks like you are all in good hands though. Seeing pictures of those missionaries leaving was sad as I feel like I know them from your letters. You are saying good bye to sons!