Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9th had us coming and going...

June 9th and Air Marshall brought a leaner and stronger Elder Gilbert back from the outer island of Ebon - he's in culture shock - running water back at the mission office!
Three strong missionaries preparing to leave the mission - Sister Santos, Elder Jaksina, Elder Ahlstrom.
Elder Ahlstrom brought in a wut (flower wreath) from a family in Laura for me - it was an honor to wear it.

A picture says a thousand words at the Majuro Airport - we will miss them - we'll all move forward.
A friend telling Elder Ahlstrom good-bye...

Elder Jaksina saying his last goodbyes to Stake members who came to see their missionaries.

Sister Santos saying her last goodbyes...Elder Jaksina knowing it is about time.

On the drive home from the airport, it was back to normal as I passed by someone's food storage. I wonder what culture shock we will all experience when it's our time to go home.


  1. Those missionaries love you, Mom. Says a lot about how you are taking care of them. I loved your food storage picture. When I was in Russia we joked about all the mystery meat we were eating and the correlation that everyone seemed to have dogs around. You never know...

  2. Oh man Kim. I would prefer the pig storage. . . except we did just get a dog and they don't smell as bad. Love the pics Mom. It's so good to see you.