Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 2010, the month of celebrating good friends and good food

Starting off the May birthdays: Sister Bell on May 5th! We celebrated together by going to lunch at La Bogie with Linda - great time.
Elder and Sister Steed's last full day on Majuro. We will miss them - lucky Kiribati...

Two flowers from Conrad - one for me and one for Susan - May 6th.

District Meeting May 7th - front row: Elder Bulloch, Elder Jaksina, Elder Hill, Sister Teichert, Elder Ahlstrom Back row: Elder Waqateirawa, Elder Isom, Elder Taylor, Elder Blacker.

Uliga Ward YM/YW choir rehearsal where they asked me to help them - this is why I am here.

Six missionaries leaving for Ebeye, May 8th - Elder Adams, Elder Taylor, Sister Hansen, Elder Mackey, Sister Hopoate, President Hopoate. Lucky Ebeye. Lucky missionaries.
On Mother's Day, May 9th, Laurie and I went to two more Primaries to teach the sign language to "I Know That My Savior Loves Me." How special is that - to be with the children on Mother's Day and share this song with them and FEEL the Savior's love for them and for us. Rita Ward Primary (Sister Davidson in the back:))

Jenrok Primary signing 'Love'

A great surprise has happened to this side of the mission - Sister Lata and Sister Toki came to Majuro for a stopover from Christmas Island to Kiribati - they speak Gilbertese, and due to Air Marshall's cancelations of flights, they are working here temporarily - what a dynamite companionship!

May 13th came quickly - the departure day for my Filipino neighbors to their homeland for a vacation - we're sure hoping for a reunion in a few months.

My wonderful neighbors - Antonio, me, Sarah, Esther, Papa Joe. Sarah will have a little brother for AJ soon.

My last conversation with AJ.

One last parting shot of AJ....til we meet again, little friend... Pizza lunch at Sister Teichert's after District Meeting May 14th - those Kiribati sisters spread good cheer - they organized this feast.

Eating a rainbow of colors in long as the ships come in...

JoJo and I singing our hymns together (in English) in the Saturday night session of Stake Conference - she went on a mission to Australia, so singing in English is special for both of us - we got the memo about red, Elder Lytle.

Sister's lunch after Stake Conference: quesadillas! - Sister Ve'e, Sister Toki, Sister Lata, Sister Kitiona.

On the morning of my birthday I opened the package from Kim and Wyck's family - thank you for some wonderful gifts! The card from my parents and the card from Kim's family were filled with so much love - Indy's P.S. on her card said, "Are you coming back?" YES, Indy, in 10 months!
The Senior missionaries took me to lunch at MIR and I had a fresh fish sandwich to die for...then the missionaries surprised me with a special tribute - a homemade cake made by Elder Fu'e and a mural birthday card signed with pictures,when I delivered the mail to the rugby field - I took a picture of the semi-circle of missionaries with my heart. On the mural card they had printed "48th!" Your idea is working, Timmy!
The end of a wonderful day - the homemade cake, the flowers, the cards of love, the mural card of love from the missionaries - thank you forever, Mom, for having me and giving me life here.

Our beautiful JoJo graduating with her GED - so many were to be congratulated that evening.
The graduating class assembled in front of the canopy - it threatened to rain, but never did.

Lydia, JoJo's counselor in the Stake YW Presidency, and Jojo, so happy for her accomplishment.

My neighbors, Vic and Miriam, gave me a fresh lobster that had come in from Kili with some friends - my first lobster ever.

Here's looking at you, merry month of May...this lobster tasted sooo good cooked in butter and garlic...ummmm!


  1. How on earth did you figure out how to cook, let alone eat a lobster, oh woman from the desert? You are certainly learning alot on that mission. My kids would die for a leigh like Jojo is wearing. Love you!

  2. Love all the pics and your sum-up Mom. That lobster looks cool but I could never eat it. Sure love you.

  3. Hi,

    Has anyone heard from Elder Faalogo and Elder Gilbert?


  4. Yes - twice weekly by radio to the Assistants or zone leaders there is a report - Elder Gilbert flew back to Majuro in preparation for his return home in July and brought wonderful pictures of Ebon and Elder Fa'alogo, who looks terrific. They are both happy and strong, even though they have both lost weight and look leaner. Elder Bulloch took Elder Gilbert's place on Ebon where there is a strong Christian presence and soon to be new members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.