Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long Island Ward's Yokwe Yokwe for Elder Thomson

Outside the Long Island Chapel the neighborhood children play games and entertain themselves. When the missionaries show up (as we all did on time), there is ample time for sharing until Elder Thompson's Yokwe yokwe begins an hour late (Marshallese time).
Elder Fa'alogo's turn...

Elder Fa'alogo and Elder Jaksina listening for a new song...

The Bishop asked Elder Thomson to teach a Family Home Evening lesson to the ward - it was in marvelous Marshallese and stunning in the doctrine.

When these Elders and Sisters devote two years of their lives for the people of these islands, the love and gratitude is expressed openly.

As part of his farewell, Elder Thomson electrified the room when he sang the Marshallese National Anthem.

One of the last times for these four fine Elders to spend time together on island - Elder Thomson (New Zealand), Elder Gilbert (Washington), Elder Keeley (Idaho), Elder Jaksina (Arizona).

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