Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coming up to Christmas in the Marshall Islands...

On the last Sunday of November, the Pattersons invited me and some other missionaries over for the first week of the German tradition of Advent. We listened to some Christmas music and heard a spiritual thought by Gary concerning the birth of the Savior, lit one candle figuratively (since they didn't have any candles yet) and then enjoyed food and company. These pictures are from the third week of Advent...

We had great food and had invited some non-members and new members of the church to join us.
The Hewstones joined us as we watched the Church's short Nativity spot with "Breath of Heaven" by Amy Grant playing behind it. Amazing!

My first presents under my Christmas tree! Kim and Wyck and Macey and Indy and Ryan and Sophie sent me a package with wrapped and unwrapped fun presents inside AND pictures of the grandchildren! Now all 10 grandchildren are on my refrigerator and I can see them everyday!

The fourh week of Advent!

Abrn and Elder Keeley with Gary Patterson in the background - our 4 candles lit - Christmas in just around the corner...
Some of us enjoying the last Sunday of Advent with the Pattersons - Mima and Sherrie and their daughter, Abrn, Sister Teichert, Elder Sanchez.

For Christmas, the President brought in all the Elders on outer Islands except two. Elders Miller and Amohonga came from Lae, and Elders Heimuli and Pritchard came from Ailinglapalap. Here they are ready to play Rugby with their fellow Elders, coming in on P-day. (Elders Thomsen and Tingey remained on Jaluit - no air service because the last flight there blew out its tires on the coral runway.)

I was food shopping at Payless in Delap a few days before Christmas - as I was at the check-out stand, the Marshall Islands High School Choir began to sing - when they sang "O Holy Night", I had goosebumps running up and down my arms and spine. Because of early Protestant missionaries in the 1800's, Christianity is respected and honored in the Marshall Islands.

The Marshallese can SING!!!


  1. I wish I could hear them sing! You will have to see if you can record it somehow so you won't forget what it sounds like and share it with the rest of us when you get home!

  2. I want to leave a comment. Thankyou for sharing your blog. My sister is Laurie Patterson. It is good to see her and her husband Gary in some of your pictures and notes. I love them and miss them. You do a great work. Happy Mission.
    Shelley Mills from Snowflake, AZ