Saturday, December 19, 2009

Life After the Lytles

Your trousers and Levi's live on in the Assistants, Elder Lytle.
(Thanks for the Christmas tree, Sister Lytle -
how does your old apartment look? I love it and we're adding new memories
on top of the precious old ones...)

Gary and Laurie Patterson with Elder Wilstead at his Yokwe Yokwe in Long Island (Dec 5th, 2009). He had a Yokwe the night before at Delap where he served the longest. He was only in Long Isand for about three weeks and they still held a Yokwe Yokwe for him - the people are so grateful to ALL the Elders and Sisters who come and serve.

Elder Keeley, burning the wayward strands off Elder Wilstead's suitcoat in my apartment just before we all left for the airport, Dec 9, 2009. To the question I posed, "Is this normal?", Elder Keeley replied "The President taught us this."

President Smith and his departing 'son', Elder Wilstead, at the Majuro Airport.

I'm not sure what they are looking at, but I wonder how many people turned to see...Sister Smith (Mom) has this influence on her 'sons'...

Some fine Elders to see him off - can you tell which one is the great Marshallese young man who has his mission papers in?

Elder Wilstead with Elder Enlow and the President just before Elder Wilstead walked through the Security door and 'died.'' I had a very profound experience when he walked through and Elder Gilbert said softly "He's dead." I could picture him very much alive doing what needs to be done going through security - and beyond as he greets his family at each stopping point before Kansas. There is no such thing as dead - we are all alive, all the time, no matter what stage of living we are in at the moment.

Thanks, Elder Wilstead, for all you did to bless our lives and yours here.


  1. Wow. That puts Dad's mission into a perspective that we can more tangibly understand. He just walked through another door.

  2. I loved that mom. That's the only way I've been able to handle life. We are all on our different missions - different places, but all working towards the same thing. I love you.