Friday, December 11, 2009

Yokwe Yokwe and Adieu...

The Majuro Stake Yokwe Yokwe for the Lytles - November 27, 2009.
President Tibon and the Lytles

Heartfelt singing at the Long Island Yokwe Yokwe - glorious, full, and longing. Nov. 28, 2009

Sister Teichert, Sister Lytle, Juana

Long Island Ward Yokwe Yokwe - so many hugs, so many tears, so much love.

I love this picture - Sister Lytle's last offering of cookies to the office visitors - her love and His watching over many.

Final dinner in the Lytles' apartment - so when are you going to take it, Elder Bell? Some of us look a little more ready for a picture than the others.

Our final luncheon at the Marshall Islands Resort, where alot of great information was shared with our visiting authority, President Coward .

Many came for the send-off from the Lytle's apartment and at the mission office...

These assistants will miss their mentors and all the good food...

Stake President Tibon calling the Lytles to say goodby, with the Relief Society sisters from Long Island ward in the background.

Adieu...'til we meet again, probably in Nevada.

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