Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rain in the Marshall Islands at Christmas time...

Buckets full of rain everyday for two weeks - we've estimated that about two feet of rain have fallen.
Elder Faalogo of new Zealand and Elder Enlow with their new rain gear from their mission Mom.
Some Elders who have said that they would never put on a poncho have decided that ponchos are not so bad after all.

Caroling by the Young Single Adults of Long Island Ward outside my second floor apartment - they borrowed the hats from Sister Bell at the mission office and they were actually pretty good with our English carols and their Marshallese harmonies - great young people - the taller sister in the back just came home from a mission to Georgia, USA. For them, there was a slgiht let-up in the rain - and snow? "Only in my dreams..."


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  2. I don't know mom - I'm just not missing the snow yet. The sunshine is beautiful. :-) It's lucky you're on the second story, eh? Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love,Corinne