Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's all about change...and moving forward...

Elder Thomson - Marshallese missionary extraordinaire.

Sister Avery's last island meal - papaya, bananas, and coconut milk from Formosa Store.

Nobody planned the jewel tone colored blouses, but Sister Avery's dear friend did plan and make the purple matching earrings for her.

One of the last huddles with their president....

Three missionaries left the island at sunset - a soft and gentle farewell tribute to three great young missionaries. Your influence remains.

The new Ebon Elders, whose assignment is to open the atoll of Ebon to the preaching of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ebon was the first atoll in the Marshall Islands to have Christian missionaries come and bring the Bible and a written knowledge of Jesus Christ. Elder Fa'alogo and Elder Gilbert to the people of Ebon: "Bring all the good you have and we will see if we can add to it..." (quoting President Hinckley).
Elder Fa'alogo and Elder Enlow - they were a great companionship, with Elder Enlow as the District leader, and now they move forward with new companions and new assignments - as obedient and happy as they were together.

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