Friday, February 12, 2010

A Medley of This Mission...

This picture is symbolic of the great support our missionaries give to the islanders - the two Marshallese Elders are coming to our mission soon, even though they live here.
Fri. January 29, 2010 - Long Island District Meeting (Juster, Elder Jaksina, Elder Keeley, Ring, Elder Gilbert, Sister Teichert, Elder Fa'alogo)

My wonderful piano student at the Delap chapel - Namiko.

Excited to sing for Zone Conference...

Breakfast for the 4 Elders who will sing at Zone Conference (Elder Haddock, Elder Ahlstrom, Elder Gilbert, Elder Fa'alogo) AND the very important page turner, Elder Corry (on the couch).

Sat, January 30, 2010 - Mima's baptism: Elder Keeley, Mima and Sherrol's daughter, Mima, Sherrol, Elder Gilbert

Somedays when I have some extra time before getting the mail at the post Office in Uliga, I park my car at a favorite spot across from the gas station overlooking the lagoon.

I put my feet up on the doorhandle and love to sit with the door open and the window rolled down, watching the boats in the lagoon.

On this day a boy showed up at my car door and soon brought his friends.

The one in front spoke pretty good English - he and the little girl in red got a pass along card of the Nauvoo Temple - her eyes were shining and she said, "Mormon Temple!" The sister missionaries in Delap followed up the next day.

On Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, I found a beautiful, fragrant flower - just one all by itself - lying on the side of the jogging path, and it was just for me. Then two frigate birds flew over head, and later a large yellow butterfly hung around me. Conrad is close by and aware of me and wants me to know it...

The culmination of three successive days of flowers, birds and butterflies, every day.

If I take a picture of a few kids playing at the church parking lot.....

Pretty soon the whole neighborhood wants to be in the picture. Reminds me of Macey, Indy and Ryan's picture before bedtime...:)

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  1. Ha! I thought of my kids at bedtime too! So funny. I love that you are getting birds and butterflies and flowers. The day we got back from Grandpa's funeral, I was on a walk with Sophie and Ryan and three consecutive flocks of geese flew over our heads down close. I thought of three Teichert men who've now departed us as they flew by. They are ok and doing a good work.