Thursday, February 18, 2010

All Baptisms are very precious, as was this one....

We arrived after a 40 minute drive at the couple's home in Laura, just as ward members were arriving (Elder Gilbert).
The couple's home is right by the lagoon at the highest point on the Majuro atoll (Elder Haddock).
The husband has been a quadraplegic for many years from an accident, and Elder Haddock and Elder Ahlstrom have been the missionaries to teach him and his wife the Gospel. They have also worked out a way for him to be baptized - his courage and faith were evident the day of his baptism.

Our president came and said to start snapping pictures, as many as we could, just not during the baptism itself. Here are the events as they unfolded, in silence as we experienced them.

Waiting for the second half of the meeting and for all to get into dry clothes.

The pianist with the keyboard propped on Bibles.

The missionary singers....

Drinking ni (new coconut, a delicacy) served afterwards.

Elder Ahlstrom, Elder Haddock, and their dear friend.

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