Sunday, May 9, 2010

For some Moms back home - Happy Mother's Day!

Elder Chef Enlow beginning his gourmet brunch of omelets and pancakes in between sessions of the Conference of Easter Sunday as we watched the DVDs as a District. It was an unexpected blessing to have two Easters this month. Moms, thought you would like to see how these sons are spending some of their training time - this was a District Conference to write home about.
Elder Blacker grating cheese - the other Elders wondering what to do while the seven omelets are being made...
Elder Jaksina found Sister Lytle's "Apples to Apples" game.

Elder Enlow's omelets and pancakes were to die for! Your sons ate well in between the last two sessions of Conference. It was a feast for body and spirit all morning long, for two days. I wish you could have been with us to hear your sons sing with everyone in the Conference Center "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". I wish you could have seen them reverently and solemnly sustain the Prophets. I wish you could have seen them taking notes and listening intently for hours.

Elder Waqatairewa, Elder Hill, Elder Blacker, Elder Jaksina - departing after 2 wonderful days as a District watching Conference (4/23-24/2010) Moms, thought you might like to see the light in your son's eyes...
Some flowers and a song for you, Mom...Elder Fu'e...

...Elder Rareba.... Elder Gardner. On their P-day, they each took a lot of thought about which flowers would be best for his Mom - hope you get them. Happy Mother's Day!

Elder Christiansen and Elder Pritchard, on island from Ailinglaplap for Zone Conference (4/26/10) - they look terrific and are on fire to go back with new companions each. Hi, Mom - we're doing great!
My first real companion, Sister Hansen, and her first day in the mission field (29 April 2010) - watching me teach piano lessons and meeting her first Marshallese. Mom Hansen, you have sent a remarkable daughter - she has already made a difference here, and our companionship that lasted two days will bless our lives forever. Happy Mother's Day!
Each missionary in our mission deserves time on this blog, but some are on outer islands and others have not been in front of my camera - you have sent remarkable sons and daughters. It is my privilege to serve them and to try to keep them healthy. Today is our Mother's Day in the Marshall Islands. I will add more pictures tomorrow, on your Mother's Day. How great is that, to have two Mother's Days!


  1. Thanks Sister Teichert!
    Seeing a smiling missionary was the perfect mother's day present! Give Elder Christensen a hug for me next time he comes to Majuro.