Monday, May 3, 2010

Snapshots of time

On the morning of our Sisters' Luncheon April 12, the power was out in Rita and Laura, but was on in Long Island - the chicken salad would be fine because Sister Steed had cooked the chicken already. Sister Davidson could not make her rolls without power, but Sister Hopoate had already made sticky buns and offered those instead. Let's roll!
Anticipating a great lunch and the YW General Broadcast.
Here we all are, finished with eating and unable to watch the YW General Braodcast because the power went out at 11:30...ah, the consistency with which the power goes out - we just never know when.
Our 6 beautiful Sisters - Sister Cummings, Sister Santos, Sister Ruiz, Sister Kitiona, Sister Anterrea, Sister Ve'e.

When I run in the morning, I round the first bend and see this view of the new mission home that is being constructed.
From the mission home to the flame tree...

I want to remember the flame tree in our complex as it looks in March and April and May.

On April 15, while I taught piano at the church, there were some neighborhood children playing with a treasure they found.

Saturday April 17 I met the Steeds in Ajeltake - we took care of some nursing business together because they are heading over to Kiribati as soon as the planes are flying. The wind always seems to blow in Ajeltake. Then, since I was so close to Laura Beach, I went there after going to their apartment at Laddie Jack's.

I had the beach all to myself - shell hunting while combing the beach and soaking up some rays.

Coming home from Laura Beach a plane nearly took my car off the road with its jetstream - who would have thought I would see this in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the Marshall Islands? The namesake of my old home town - Norfolk!

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  1. What a beautiful tree AND new mission home! Thanks for sending for pics of your life. Wish I could be with you on the beach!