Monday, May 10, 2010

More Mother's Day sightings...

Perhaps Moms of new missionaries are wondering how their missionaries are - here's a lunch break during the eight hours of orientation the day after they arrived (4/30/2010). Four Elders back in from outer islands for our May 1, 2010 Zone Conference - ElderPritchard (Ailinglapap), Elder Moimoi (Jaluit), Elder Christensen (Ailinglaplap), Elder Tingey (Jaluit). It's like having the sons of Mosiah get back together...

Sisters at Zone Conference - Sister Ruiz,Ve'e,Kitiona, Cummings, Teichert, Anterrea, Santos, Hansen

Elder Christensen taking more dessert - they don't have Rice Krispy squares on Ailinglaplap...

Our newest missionaries - Elder Amram, Elder Kimbar, Sister Hansen, Elder Sippy.

Sisters after Zone Conference. Laurie and I have been going around to the 6 other Primaries on island to help teach Pirmary music after teaching in our own ward (Long Island) - by far the favorite is "I Know That My Savior Loves Me." I wish this blog had sound so that you could hear them. Most all the children on this island look to the Elders and Sisters with respect and joy and love - many have taught them and their families and have changed their lives.

Ajeltake Branch Primary signing "LOVE".

Laurie at entrance to the Ajeltake Branch building - if you have a son who is or has worked here, it is one of the most beautiful LDS Meetinghouses on island and definitely has the most beautiful setting on the lagoon side.

Laurie teaching primary music at Laura Ward. - 5/2/2010

Laura Ward Primary signing "LOVE".

Elder Ahlstrom and Elder Christiansen at Laura Ward May 2, 2010 - Laurie and I ran into Elder Christensen there and he was able to video us doing the sign language to "I Know That My Savior Loves Me." He is going to teach that Primary Song and the sign language to the children of Ailinglaplap - he and three other Elders went back to that outer island two days later.

Elder Isom and Elder Ahlstrom at the Laura Church. It won't be much longer that Elder Ahlstrom is here - he has been an outstanding Zone Leader, Mom.

Moms, if you have ever had a son in Arrok, this is the Elders' apartment there in this pictoresque setting on the ocean side.

Elder Enlow and Elder Rareba at their home in Arrok - home for more water as they walk the miles to their appointments. They are doing well in their big assignment out in "the country."

(For my Mom) Mom, Laurie and I took each other's pictures at the palm tree Canopy out in Arrok - we had to hurry - see the car in the background?

Sister Hansen, Sister Santos, Sister Ruiz at the entrance to their home in Rita - they were able to get a ride with me from Payless after grocery shopping on their P-day - they were grateful for an air-conditioned car ride instead of a taxi...I'm taking care of them when I can, Moms!

Three sisters at the Purple Turtle on P-day - Sister Hansen, Sister Teichert, Sister Ruiz

Sister Ruiz from Pleasant Grove - living and working by the Marshallese Purple Turtle. The children adore her - thanks, Mom Ruiz, for sending her here to the Pacific.

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  1. Oh I bet some mom's are happy to see those pictures. They have a Purple Turtle?!!