Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crazy Days of August

The second  Sunday (8/22) that Laurie and I went out to teach the second verse of "I Know That My Savior Loves Me", there were over 50 children and teachers packed into the little Rita Primary room - as Mark Mabry's stunning images came onto the screen, the children were so quiet and focused. When we sang and signed again "I Know That My Savior Loves Me", there was real understanding (melele) and testimony in their voices.Later that afternoon, Laurie is preparing the Jenrok Primary children to experience 'Another Testament.'

Aha - so the blog people have changed the format and this entry will be chronologically backwards - 8/21 now - Sister Hewstone's birthday party at Laura Beach

This remarkable couple is the reason that the Marshall Islands Majuro Stake buildings (5 of them) are being renovated to pristine condition - Australia should be proud.

Traveled to Laura to inspect apartments (8/17) - the gas pump was down in Woje...
but it was still possible to buy gas.

D-Day (8/16) - Elder Mackey's goodby luncheon.
Elder Mackey, Elder Nawahine, Elder Lasky - the three assistants about to go down to two.
Under Elder Mackey's lead, we are District 3!

Putting on the suitcoat that hasn't been worn for two years while on the Equator...

Parting shot of the three Assistants (8/16/2010) - Elder Lasky, Elder Mackey (as Elder Nawahine would say, "The Bomb"), and Elder Nawahine.

Laura Primary (8/15) - our first Primary to teach the second verse and sign language of "I Know That My Savior Loves Me," for the Primary program coming up - Elder Rareba and Elder Enlow translated for us.

Laurie preparing the computer for the DVD showing of 'Another Tesatment' to the Ajeltake Primary
The children riveted on Mark Mabrey's images of the Savior with the Nephites.

Elder Humrich and Elder Swain at the outside baptismal font in Ajeltake (8/15/2010)

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