Thursday, August 12, 2010

July 2-July 16, 2010 - Snapshots

July 2nd was the 28th annual Fisherman's Day - there were some great fish caught from the ocean - the 335 lb. marlin was thought to be the winner until another boat came in the next day with a 337 lb marlin!

The US Embassy invited me as a warden for our mission to the July 4th party to honor the birth of our country.  It was in the Melele Room of the Marshall Island Resort.  Tanintoa's band played during the gathering time.
Both national anthems were sung by Malaelupe Samifua and our Ambassador Martha Campbell and the Marshall Island Minister symbolically cut a cake to celebrate. It was an inspiring gathering with so many good people from both countries.  It is a 4th of July celebration that I will treasure, being far from home and proud to be an American where liberty is treasured                                                                    .

A few days later I was just arriving at the Delap chapel to teach piano, and these children greeted me with their arms around each other.  This is how one sees children all over the island, walking down the road with their arms around each other.  They let me take their picture for a memory...

July 7th Sister Ruiz was brought into the office early from Rita by the Assistants to catch the plane for her transfer to Ebeye -
Long live the Marshall Islands!

July 10th was the Stake Young Women's Fashion Show...
Great decorations, appropriate Sunday dress (Deborah), athletic wear (Julinta), evening wear (Julian),
Wedding day attire modeled with the help of YSA men, one being our mission's own returned missionary Elder Samson.

President and Sister Tibon, Sister Teichert and Maria, and the Long Island Young Women and some fun with the decorations afterwards...                                             

July 14th - A Departure Dinner at the Tide Table for the Office Staff
Elder Gulbransen, Elder Lasky, Elder Mackey, Elder Gilbert,

(There next two are out of order ) July 15th, welcoming the Shaws, our new President and Companion.

(continued from July 14th Departure Dinner...)
Elder Dew. Sister Teichert's chair, Sister Hopoate, President Hopoate...

AND, taking Sister Tuimoala and Sister Ve'e to their new home and assignment in Laura.
The Davidsons, Elder Tingey (District Leader), Elder Sanchez, Sister Tuimoala, Sister Ve'e

July 16th - Departure of President and Sister Hopoate...
and Sister Cummings and Elder Gilbert.

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  1. Oh that picture of the girls with their arms around each other is so great, and those fish are amazing! And what a lovely fashion show that must have been. You look so happy. It makes me smile.