Monday, August 30, 2010

Hopefully chronological this time - the first part of August

Sister Mills (Farnsworth cousin) and Sister Teichert at Laura Beach 8/7/10
Returning from our successful shell hunting for Sister Mills - met some great children.   Elder Mills patiently waited for us under the tree - reminded me of my brother when Debbie and I would go hunting for treasures in Madrid.

At dusk, wating for others to arrive for Family Home Evening by the lagoon...
...and it was a great Family Home Evening!
Newest member of the family - 2 days old.
Elder and Sister Mills...
and our jumbo at amimono shops

I taught piano the day that my newest granddaughter was born, little Reese Madeline!  This lesson turned into a conducting session when some teenage boys came to request being taught.  Reese was born on Aug 10th, but this was Aug. 11th here in Majuro - being over the international dateline makes for interesting histories, and being on the Equator (where there are no changes of seasons) makes time all run together for me. 

It was Elder Hill's birthday on Saturday, so after District Meeting on Friday, Aug 13th, we made a quick birthday cake, rice, and the Office Elders brought in Chinese food to celebrate...

Elder Hill brought his lucky horseshoe for Friday the 13th - I hope he carried it with him the next day because our 14th (his birthday) was the 13th back was a triple ott, Kraig.

Baptism on Elder Hill's birthday - 8/14/2010 -a wonderful day of rebirth for her.
After the baptism, our Long Island Elders with our great Bishop.

The Office Elders anticipating a change in the Assistants - Elder Mackey leaving for home in two days will be replaced by Elder Nawahine. (8/14/2010)


  1. Ryan just enjoyed this post with me and when I showed him the picture of the lagoon and told him "This is where Grandma lives," he looked incredulous and said with big eye, "She lives there???" I had to clarify that you don't actually live IN the ocean, but that is your backyard. He was jealous that you could pick up seashells anytime you wanted to. I still can't believe you are there sometimes. We all miss you!

  2. Hello Physics Lab Partner! I'm probably the last person you ever thought to hear from. Isn't the internet great; you can find anyone if you look. Your site is great and I'm sure you are having a rewarding and interesting time in missions service. If you get time, send me a note.
    Howard Smith (the keeper of the brick wall)