Friday, October 16, 2009

The First Week!

I'm finally here in Majuro!

The day before I was supposed to fly out with Elder Stoker my recent root canal was acting up. My dentist sent me to an endodontist, and the next day Elder Stoker flew to Hawaii and then on to Majuro by himself while I was having oral surgery. I was a diligent, obedient patient, and three days later I had the stitches out and was cleared for take-off outside the US on the NEXT Tuesday.

The blessing was seeing Corinne and Jeremy's family one last time and spending Conference with family.

Kyle took me to the airport, and 6 1/2 hours later I touched down in Hawaii - my traveling companions were Sister Kafusi, who will dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and Elder Henry from the Marshall Islands serving a mission in Hawaii, plus about 8 other elders going to Hawaii.

I stayed with the Miles, a senior couple, for the night, and then took off by myself to Majuro the next day.

Sister Smith and 2 senior couples, the Lytles and the Bells, met me at the airport - I have never been so happy to see anyone as I was to see them - I was alone in the back of the 1950's-reminscent airport for a half hour open to the elements in a light rain, waiting for my luggage and customs, until I was shown to the front of the airport where they were.

They whisked me off to the Mission Office and the president, to my new apartment that they had stocked with sheets, dishes, and towels, then off to lunch at the Marshall Islands Resort Restaurant and macademia nut-encrusted tuna with veggies and rice.

This whole week has seemed like a year as I have settled into my job - Elder Lytle says that before I came, hardly any missionaries were calling in sick - now the phone is ringing every day. We've been to a baptism, a wonderful church service on Sunday, a YW picnic where I got a close-up look at the lagoon and the ocean, we've been taken to lunch by the deputy minister of the US Embassy, we attended a great humanitarian donation of books and sports equipment and tools to the high school by US Eagle Scouts (orchestrated by the Bells). The high school kids are terrific - they are so well-mannered and genuine. Sister Lytle says that the people and the buildings and the culture remind her of the 1950's - I believe she is correct. But the ocean is timeless...


  1. That's it?! But I want to read more!!! I am so excited for you. The pictures are more than precious. I want an explanation of each and every one. Stay well and know we are praying for you. I love you!! Nancy

  2. I'm with Nancy! Where's my mother, the novelist? But I love the pictures. Your hair looks great and you've already gotten tan. I've always envied your skin. :-) I sure love you mom and am so grateful for your emails and this blog. We think of you daily. Just last night Sarah said, "I miss Grandma." I suggested she draw you a picture. You'll be getting it soon. I love you. Thank you for your testimony and example.

  3. I keep forgetting to sign in when I comment on your blog. This will be my third attempt to leave a comment! See, I am still learning this blog thing too. I am with Nancy in that I want a description of all the photos, too! They are wonderful! I can't believe you get to live there for 18 months. I am glad you love the ocean, or it would be a long 18 months. Just a tip that will save you a headache -- when you add pictures, add them first before you write the text and start by adding the last ones you want to write about first and going in reverse order to the first. It will be less frustrating next time. You look great -- happy and at peace and glad to be there. We love you!!!