Friday, October 23, 2009

On October 17th, we senior missionaries took the mission van and headed for our P-day to Laura Beach, 20 miles away to the end of the atoll. We took a potluck picnic lunch and found the only sandy beach on Majuro atoll. The Elders set up chairs, and Elder Haddock and Elder Ahlstrom found us, like Sister Bell joked, just about lunchtime. They actually had an appointment and left just as we were ready to eat, but we told them to come back for leftovers - they did, at 3:00.

Here are the pictures that still don't do the beauty of the place justice. We looked for shells and found wonderful, exotic shells on the ocean side. High tide came in after lunch and we found many more new and different ones the second time down the beach.

A family was out fishing for their dinner with high tide.

Lots of new shells, pristine water, and great sand! THIS is a mission?


  1. Hi Diane,

    You have been called to a VERY beautiful mission. I think the scenery would be a bit distracting for me!
    Good to see that you made it there and you are getting off to a great start.

  2. Ryan just saw these pictures and he said, "I want to go to Grandma's beach and make sandcastles." Then I asked him how he would like to fish his dinner out of the ocean every night and he said with enthusiasm, "GREAT!"