Friday, October 30, 2009

Historic Shells...

My shell collection from the beach with the WWII wreck of a PT boat near the airport, and from Laura Beach.It is next to my bed with my alarm clock - I took a picture of it because it is illegal to bring coral 'off island' and some of these I won't see again when I go home - but they greet me every morning 'on island.'

Elder Woodland and Elder Gilbert found some 50 caliper WWII shells for me at an investigator's home over by Rita, or maybe it was Uliga. I had heard that they had found some, and wondered if maybe they could look for some for my Dad. He didn't fight on Majuro, which was the first Pacific theater WWII battle with the Japanese after Pearl Harbor, but he did use them later on other islands. They were proud to find them for you , Dad!

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  1. Mom, I love reading your blog. I still can't believe you are in those pictures. I am so happy for the things you are getting to experience. Macey checked your blog at school this week! I wondered if she got in trouble, but she said no. We love you!