Friday, October 23, 2009

These three UN workers had been in Majuro for just one week, and were very happy to be leaving this place - they were taken by the "great young men- who are you?"asked the worker from India. She could not believe that these fine young men were volunteering and paying their own way to serve the people of the island for 2 years! One week had been plenty for her. Elder Bradshaw will represent the Church well on his return trip home.
These fine Elders came to the Majuro airport to see Elder Bradshaw off - he was having to leave 2 1/2 weeks early after returning from Lae, an outer island in primitive conditions, because of an infected leg. He is from Manderfield, just over the Beaver Mountain from Kraig and Collette. He has relatives buried in Circleville - I sure hope that one day soon we can visit with Elder Bradshaw and his family - he is such a fine young Elder and a person of great character. We all felt the great strength of his testimony, even though he is soft-spoken. Komol tata, Elder.

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  1. Hi Sister Diane,
    I am Elder Haddock's mother. He told me about your blogspot and I stopped in to say Hi! We live two doors down and across the street from your cousin DeeDee Wright. I gave her your blogspot info too. Also, here is her e-mail address: Thanks so much for being there and sharing your talents and testimony with the Elders and people! God bless you and your family!
    Carol Haddock