Friday, October 30, 2009

Third Week 'On Island'

The Hewstones, a senior couple from Australia, have a unique mission assignment: they are over all the buildings on island, and have rebuilt the missionary apartment behind the church - termites had nearly collapsed the roof.
Elder Hewstone is a carpenter and not only helped to build and do the finish work for the Sydney Australia Temple, he and his wife were the president and matron of that Temple. We have a sealer on island. All we need is a temple.
Elder Hewstone is a cancer survivor of 20 years. They are my nextdoor neighbors in apartment 12, and I have spent many lovely evenings with them

Our apartment building at sunrise - I came out to run and ran back in to get the camera to capture the prettiest time of day.

My apartment #13 and the car I drive around.
The highest point on the island is an overpass where there is a break in the atoll, and the lagoon and the sea connect. Elder Lytle always says, "Plug your ears - they might pop with the altitude change."

The sisters in the office and I went on a shopping trip to Payless when we heard there were eyelet skirts from Nordstom's for $5! I found a green skirt to match the blouse Raelene picked out for me (also $5) - white skirt in front of the mission office; green skirt in front of the Long Island Chapel where I go to church. There are five buildings on the island and another one planned, as well as expanding a current one. The missionaries are finding those whom the Lord is preparing. I'm trying to keep them healthy so they can.

This morning Sister Lytle helped me color my hair - how did we do, Vernice?

It's P-day, Saturday October 31st, and I'll be going over to the church in a few hours to work with Laurie, my new found Farnsworth 3rd cousin, and teach the Laurels and Priests 2 new songs in English for their Stake Conference Choir - we're teaching "I'll Follow Him in Faith" and "Scripture Power." Our Long Island Ward kids loved Scripture Power last week at rehearsal. The Marshallese have so much music in their souls!


  1. A "building" mission? I can't wait to tell Charlie about that one!! Where do we sign up!!?

  2. Nanc! It's a two year mission for the Hewstones - they have been here about 5 months. After a year they go back home for a visit and then return to do their last year. they have developed their own list of things that need to be done in maintenance work on each of the church buildings and missionary apartments - you and Charlie would love it here, and your music would be absolutely needed. Think about it...

  3. Mom, this is so great! I'm so happy you get to do this. We love you so much. We went up to Utah for Halloween and it was weird to be in the house without you there. We miss you but are so glad for you. Thank you for blogging and emailing. (And I just got the $ for the kids birthdays - thank you!)

  4. Wow, it looks as though you have found heaven on earth-- What beautiful pictures!

    I'm so happy that you can help them with music; I knew you'd be using all of your talents, not just your abilities for healing body and soul.

    I love you; you are in my prayers.