Friday, March 5, 2010

Majuro revisited with you in mind...

Corinne wanted some more images of the island - this is the beginning of a month of chronicaling some of the places we see every day. This mural on the water building near Delap ws painted in just a few days to a week - the little orange building to the right is a little gourmet bakery where Sister Lytle bought me a coconut pastry when I was first here.
Beautiful trees lining the road that leads from Delap to Long Island - on the left it the sea wall built to hold back the sea at high tides - on the right are some homes and the lagoon

The road coming from Delap west to Long Island, approaching the bridge - see the children walking? This gives perspective on how large the trees and bushes are here

On top of the bridge, looking at the lagoon (or the 'yar') side

Me and my trusty Mitsubishi at Delap Chapel, taken by Julien who is teaching me Marshallese - I also teach a singing lesson and a piano lesson here on Fridays

Your Dad's conversation heart message "U R Mine" and his valentine flower for me - 14 February 2010 - evidence that I can now take a picture of myself to document important moments when there is no one to do it.

Marshallese driver's license day - Elder Gardner, Elder Corry and I at the last of three places we had to go to in the registering process - the police marine authority.

Mail call at the rugby field on PDay - 15 February 2010

Somedays car washes are set up just off the road - I pulled into one (I'm parked under a canopy - see the hose leading to the canopy from the home?) and in five minutes my car was clean for $1.50.

A flame tree beginning to bloom in December 2009

The flame trees are in full bloom now in February and March, and this is just one blossom.

Every piece of land in owned by someone - this little desolate piece is in Rita - I parked there to wait for the mail and get a little sun and relaxation - this rooster and a mate scurried around me.

In this scene from our office, see if you can find the man in the red shirt trimming the palm branches - hint: he is in the lowest of the three tall palm trees...there were men on the ground directing any traffic that came by when the branches and coconuts came crashing to the road.

Sunday, 21 Feb 2010 - Elder Steed's nurse's office in the Office Mart parking lot, right below the missionarires third floor apartment

Monday, 22 February 2010, Rugby day at the field - kids all over the island know that it's the missionaries' day for rugby and they love to watch the Elders play.

I run into school buses alot when I go get the mail - these are the older kids, so it must be around 3:30.

This mother and her baby quickly cross the road - everyone and everything crosses the road at any time of day or night - drivers' top speed is supposed to be 25 mph - often it is much less...

A beautiful bend in the road opening to the lagoon side, going east, from Long Island to Delap

Some little children coming home from a day at school - there is time to discover and explore.

Drivers are patient here - these 4 little pigs ambled contentedly across the path of this taxi. Marshallese one is really in a hurry here. It's all about making it through today well.

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