Friday, March 5, 2010

Majuro revisited with you in mind (continued)...

This is the Phillipine restaurant - La Bodgie - where I meet with my dear friend, Linda, every Wednesday for lunch. Sister Lytle started this tradition and we love it! Thanks, Sandy! JoJo and I were on a mission - we pulled up to this home...

The Steeds had brought in from Laura a yummy pandanus to share - JoJo and I took it to this sweet widow sister in the ward
How would you like to have an ocean pool in your back yard like she does?
Granddaughters in the backyard.
Backyard visit... Cistern to catch the precious rainwater.

A typical sight from my car - missionaries out among the people - in this case, Elder Isom and Elder Rareba.
JoJo and I went on the new section of road that goes around the airport hangers - a little bit of high tide made it exciting!
Watch out for speed bumps - they can slow you down....

Look at the size of this new speed bump - that car nearly high-centered on it :)

Maria - a fragrant flowering tree in the Marshalls whose flowers are perfect for putting in your hair - this tree is by the airport...
JoJo wanted me to give them to you, my daughters!

JoJo's father's land in Long Island....
"Please save it for me, Dad...I'll live in that house :)"
Someone's food storage in Long Island protected by a watch dog.

Our mission office in Long Island (just the teeny door and window on the bottom right)...
Connected to a branch of Payless.

When the garbage needs to be tossed, we haul it to the dump - someone is usually there to get it out of the trunk. If not, we toss it ourselves.
My favorite Filipino cookie - peanut butter filling - at the Formosa store across from the dump - one for me, one for JoJo - moderation in all things.

Welcome to our friendly Long Island Formosa Store! Majuro has everything we need - if the boats keep coming!

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