Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some important island landmarks and people

An important landmark on Majuro is the place where the atoll bends north from its east to west southern leg. In this larger area, there are many buildings, like Payless, a theatre, the Bank of Guam and many other small businesses. But for our missionaries on Pday afternoon the field in the elbow is the happening place!
Just as the road bends North there is a large government building that looks impressive - it is where the Nitejela (parliment) meets. Unfortunately the interior of the building does not match the standards of the outside. Some great action on the field...Elder Afioga, Elder Gulbrandsen, Elder Hill, Elder Mackey, Elder Keeley, Elder Christensen

Sister Kitiona, Sister Teichert, Sister Ve'e standing in the antecubital fossa of the elbow at Delap with the lagoon in the background - the elbow bends around the lagoon (yar)...

Three Samoan Rugby players - Elder Amohanga, Elder Fa'alogo, Elder Afioga

Here's a parting view of the lagoon in the elbow at Delap....

The morning finally came for Elder Gilbert and Elder Fa'alogo - Tuesday 9 February 2010 at the airport with preparations complete and tickets in hand (barely) to fly out to open Ebon to the preaching of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ebon was the first in the Marshall Island chain to have Christian missionaries - now these Elders will be the first to see if they can add to what they already have.
Our 4 Elders ran into Brother William Swain, who has translated the Book of Mormon into Marshallese and is now working on translating the Doctrine and Covenants - he is their hero - so manyof their investigators have been brought to a knowledge of the truth because of his efforts.

The obvious respect and love the Elders have for Brother Swain.

The miraacle meeting of the Ebon Elders and their mission Mom at the Majuro airport - her plane from Hawaii had to be on time and the Elders plane to Ebon had to be late for them to be able to see each other - this is a mission of miracles. I'll bet every mission in the world could say that.


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  2. Hi there,

    Just wanted to let you know that everytime we see your photos my family is in tears. Im Elder Faalogos sister and its great to see photos of them there and how theyre doing on the field. We had the pleasure of meeting Elder Gilberts parents who were here on holiday too which was a blessing!!

    Thanks for the updated photos!!

    And its great to come on here and know that the missionaries are in good hands = The Lords of course, even though it is hard not getting our weekly emails from him, we know he's being watched over and looked after!

    Im sorry to hear about your daughter and hope that she makes a good recovery!

    Take Care..

    Theresa Fa'alogo

  3. I served on Majuro from 93-95, so happy to see the work is carrying on! Great job elder im sister ro! Joij im ba yokwe nan Brother Swain! A great man to be sure!


    Brother Chet Ruger