Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prelude week to the week of major changes (3/5-3/12/2010

March 5, 2010 - Long Island District with West Zone Leaders, Elder Haddock and Elder Ahlstrom (back left and right) District leader Elder Isom in middle of back row. Front row: E;der Jaksina, Elder Abakite, Elder Rareba, Elder Enlow, Elder Waqatairewa.
Beautiful, sweet-smelling meria from the Church tree for the office workers...

Sister Bell doesn't think she can wear flowers because of her short hair - you be the judge...

Julien, Sister Teichert, Akamra: on Fridays Julien teaches Marshallese to Sister Teichert and Sister Teichert teaches singing to Akamra. (Namiko also gets a piano lesson, but she was gone by this picture and was featured earlier in this blog). Great times for sharing what we know.

The three Assistants sending off Elder Christensen (in glasses) to Ailinglaplap - Elder Adams (Kiribati), Elder Mackey, Elder Keeley (3/5/2010) Elder Christensen is obviously up for the adventure and work of an outer island.
At the Rugby field on P-Day (3/8/2010) our President had an announcement for us all - he would be leaving the mission to help his wife and his daughter in Megan's recovery. Depending on her progress, there is a great chance that they will be back. We will have an interim President chosen by the Twelve.

The President's amazing words of encouragement and direction to his missionaries. Reactions? Stunned but supportive...amazing young Elders and Sisters.

On the 9th of March I was surprised at work when Karen gave me a beautiful tote scripture purse made by her mother's friend. The ammimono handiwork here is made by gifted artisans.

On Corinne's Marshallese birthday (3/10) I had the 4 Assistants over for a good old fashioned homemade hamburger and french fry dinner, and Elder Keeley took on making the shakes.

Elder Heimuli, Elder Mackey, and Elder Adams encouraging Elder Keeley in his shake making.

Got milkshake anyone?

Meria flower on Corinne's US birthday (11 March 2010)

Last Long Island District Meeting for Elder Haddock and Elder Knecht (12 March 2010)

For entertainment this week, I went to the first Act of Hamlet on Tuesday and the Second Act on Friday. Here are the Marshall Islands High School Gospel Singers who provided entertainment before each Act of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" - what a privilege it was to see this great production - so many see the talent that is here and are working to help bring opportunities to the people of this atoll.

The tragedy of course ends with everyone dying - this is Hamlet in death as he is carried away (for a curtain call...)

Curtain call for for the remarkable Marshall Islands High School production of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" (80% in Marshallese, the famous soliloquies in English, costuming and setting in the Marshall Islands - really fantastic and vogue ideas by the Dartmouth college innovators who gave these high school kids this experience!)


  1. Sister Teichert,
    Thank you so much for posting pictures of our son (Elder Christensen) we didn't get his email saying he was heading to Ailinglaplap until he was already gone. I have missed his weekly emails and seeing a picture of a smiling missionary as he heads to an outer island has certainly made my day!

  2. The Hamlet death scene looks too happy. :-)