Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Long Island Church House

Wonderful Sister DeBrum, the Long Island Ward Relief Society president - she can do it all - conduct the meeting, teach Relief Society, speak in church, and fish with goggles and fins to catch the family's dinner.

In between classes, if the room isn't vacant, the women sit on the floor waiting for their rooms - the termite damage to the beautiful wood made Elder Hewstone have to tear off all the molding on the walls - another project in the works for him to replace it all. But he built a temple - we can't wait to see how his finish work is.

Our beautiful chapel - notice the fans on the ceiling - Laurie has to really anchor the pages down or the music blows away or the wind from the fans turns the pages....

Here's Johnny, the 18 year old remarkable young man who directs the choir after I teach them the music. Someday his story will be known - I predict he will make a big difference in his world, wherever he is.

Some of the YM/YW in the youth choir that practices afer block time. The one Rebelee (white person) is Gary Patterson, Laurie's (my third cousin) husband.

Elder Mackey teaching a Marshallese class for his district in the Relief Society Room - everyone wants to hold classes in the Relief Society Room because is has an independent air conditioner!

The last view as we leave the church - the lagoon just off the parking lot. President and Sister Smith graciously posed before a baptism one evening - now if I could figure out how to email it to her....the land in the distance are the smaller atolls across the lagoon. Someday the Bells will take us there...


  1. I loved seeing the members you are helping there and seeing where you go to church. I was also wondering if you want me to send you the extra Alfred piano books I have that have just been sitting here for years. Do you have piano students who could use them?

  2. So great to see more of where you are and what a great idea to have a young man lead the choir! I love you mom.

  3. What a miracle this internet can be. I love being connected to you through your blog! I love you. Nancy (If you have time, check out my blog at