Monday, November 30, 2009

A day at the office...

The two Elders (counselors to the President) in the office - between the two of them, planes fly with our missionaries in them, boats float, and wires get wiggled so that our internet works.)
The three sisters in the office - we do various and sundry things for the Elders and Sisters - clerical, medical, and mothering (Elder Haddock needed some mending on a favorite pair of pants).

Our assistants to the President, dancing for joy, that Sister Lytle masterminded the cleaning of the back storage room. It's actually big enough in which to ballroom dance - we had no idea!

On November 19th we celebrated Elder Bell's and Conrad's birthday, with a turkey dinner complete with all the fixings - Sister Bell cooked the turkey in my apartment because the power was out in Rita where they live. We had dinner hosted by the Bells in the Lytle's apartment. The next morning we were all in the office working when the power went out. We all looked at each other, knowing our computer work was done for a few hours. Because we had just had Thanksgiving dinner the night before, it was time to put up the Christmas tree! - on November 20th. We still had Thanksgiving to put on for the Elders and Sisters, but our bellies and hearts were full. JoJo did the tedious task of putting on the lights...we all blessed her after trying to push the task on to each other. We're old enough as senior missionaries to know better than to voulnteer for THAT task. It takes young hands and an artistic mind. Thanks, JoJo!


  1. Hi Grandma this is Indy. I lost my first tooth on Saturday. I got $1 from the tooth fairy. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I miss you. I can't wait till you come back. I like your blog. On Friday I went to Battleship Texas in a real Battleship. PS I should have told you this before, I love the cookbook. In fact, we used some recipes in it. Dear Grandma, I hope you have a wonderful time in the Marshal Islands. I love you. Indy

  2. Where did you get a Christmas tree?!!!

  3. Last year, the owners of the building we are in donated one to the office (artificial), so it was in the storage room. Sister Lytle went to Payless and bought a few more lights for the tree and some red bows. Sister Smith had bought amamoto star ornaments and we put pass along cards on it as well - I bought some litte candy canes to hang for the Elders and Sisters to eat. But you can get a real tree - the Post Office has one and it smells so good! They cost $70!
    Thank you for writing, Indy!!! I love to hear your thoughts, almost as much as I love being with you! Which tooth did you lose? Can you whistle through it? When Grandma comes back we'll make some recipes together! I love you with all my heart!