Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A jam-packed two weeks!!!!!

Here's the best for last - our Area Medical Authority based in New Zealand, Dr. Fuller, came with his wonderful wife for a 5 day stay in Majuro. He came the weekend of Zone Conference, so all the missionaries in Majuro benefitted immensely from his classes on prevention of disease in tropical climates. He and his wife are remarkable teachers - so fun, bringing dynamite self-made videos from their years as AMA in the Philippines in 2005. He is an ER doctor, and we even had some missionaries obligingly tear up their knees
in a p-day rugby game so he could teach their nurse.
Dr. Fuller saw about 12 missionaries while he was here - we had 12 delighted missionaries as he diagnosed and treated and gave advice. We all loved him and his great wife.

These 4 little children are the reason the Fuller's and I came back from our morning trip to Laura Beach with so many shells - they saw what we were finding and ran around, bringing us 4 times the amount of shells in 1/4 the time. As we got in the car, the little boy in the red shirt said "See ya, Babe." Other than that, he speaks very little English.

We came back from Laura Beach and processed Sister Fuller's shells in my sink - soaking in clorox is a must or the aroma of the sea would fill their airplane cabin. Come to think of it, she said, then I could have a seat all to myself, with no one around.....hmmmm....

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