Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A jam-pack two weeks!!!!

Elder Woodland on the day he 'died', 11 November 2009. When the Elders come, they are 'born.' Elder Woodland left 2 days before Zone Conference. Zone Conference is a major event, which was shared with an historic first Stake Conference and a visit from our Area Medical authority and his wife, the Fullers.

Elder Lytle's last testimony at a Zone Conference. Sister Lytle's last testimony at a Zone Conference. Elder Lytle says they are almost 'dead'. I think we're all going to die when they leave.

Parker and Shawnee, the Smith's younger children, who came to visit for 10 days - everyone loved them! (Taken from my place at the organ)

All the Senior sisters with our $5 Payless Nordstrom skirts!

All the sister with flowers in their hair being upstaged by our President with no hair.

Sister Smith after the official Zone picture - everyone wants to see the goofy picture...

November 14-15, 2009: the first Stake Conference of the Marshall Islands Majuro Stake, newly created in June 2009, was a time of great celebration and an outpouring of the Spirit. To hear everyone sing "The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning" is something I will remember forever.

Sister Cummings and Sister Kitiona with some of the beautiful arrangements made by the RS

The RS Presidents of the different wards had made ut, or flower crowns, for all the Ri-pellee sisters and Elders, and even some for our visiting doctor and his wife from New Zealand!

Saturday, before the Adult Session of conference, the Stake Primary President taught her first training session in the new Marshall Islands Majuro Stake Training Meeting. Laurie and I had trained she and her counselor the week before, and Mary had the two of us come and teach the new Primary song for 2010. She handled EVERYTHING else for Sharing Time wonderfully! We were so happy for her!

What will we all do when Elder and Sister Lytle actually leave for home? They spoke in the Youth Fireside the afternoon of Stake Conference, and they packed the house.

My dear friend, Sister Lytle!

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