Friday, November 20, 2009

How does one begin a jam-packed two weeks?!?

One begins the biggest two weeks of the year by tripping over a speed bump while beginning a run and landing squarely on the right knee - the Bells and Lytle's lovingly made me stay down all day and took care of me with the newest DVD's of conference and soup and homemade bread. (Nov. 2, 2009)

Parker and Shawnee and the Smith's came in on Nov. 3rd from Hawaii and we took them to lunch at a Chinese Restaurant - Shawnee and Sister Smith did their best to not get freaked out by the fish with the fins and eyeballs still intact.

Elder Bell anticipating Eneko (Nov. 6th), a day that he and his 'beautiful and fetching wife' planned for Parker and Shawnee's visit.

Our captain and crew dropping us off,,

From the boat we loaded ourselves and our lunch onto a barge and pulled ourselves in.

I made it to Eneko! there was no way that I was staying home!!

Sister Smith and the President with their treasure of coral from the ocean side of the atoll

Sister Lytle and Sister Bell relaxing and reading.

The Hewstones, the Smiths, and the Bells after our fantastic picnic lunch of beef and pulled pork barbecued sandwiched and all the trimmings made by Sister Bell

After shell collecting, the Pres. made me sit down and rest my knee in the chair. The chair bucked me off, and President Smith took all my shells down to the lagoon and washed the sand all off. What a president...

One of the few times someone wasn't in this chair on the lagoon side - come to think of it, maybe Conrad was enjoying the view....

Sister Bell and Sister Lytle navigating the distance between the lagoon side and the ocean side of Eneko atoll.

The waves on the ocean side of Eneko were 8-10 footers, but the camera can't capture what we experienced - no beach on this side, only coral.

Approaching one of the lagoon atolls on our way home - I thank Heavenly Father every day in my heart for Dr. Hoopes, that I can see.

My shell collection from Eneko...does it remind you, Mom and Dad, of the shell collection Santa brought me when I was 8 years old? Boy, did HE start something!


  1. Looks like everything is there and more....except the seahorse.

  2. Wow mom. What a two weeks. No wonder we haven't heard much from you. It's so beautiful there. You must be in heaven. Maybe you won't come home. :-) You lucky lucky lady - teaching music, nursing, and beautiful adventures all in one. We love you!

  3. I still can't believe you are having the adventures you are having. Amazing pictures. You are still good for a laugh -- has everyone finally clued in that if they watch you long enough you are going to give them something to giggle about? I mean, come on -- the chair bucked you off??? I would have paid $100 to see that one. :) Love you!