Monday, November 30, 2009

Yokwe - it means hello, love, and Yokwe Yokwe - goodbye...

When missionaries have finished their service, the Marshallese members host a Yokwe Yokwe, a feast and a time of love to shower upon the ones leaving and upon anyone else who gets to join in their precious tradition. First they gather...

Then it's time to eat, and these Young Adults know how to put out a spread of the most delicious food!

The Elders always manage to find us about dinner time (they deserve every meal they are ever served!)..

Then the entertainment begins, with every ward in the stake represented.

The Young Adults gathered in front of Elder and Sister Lytle to sing to them, being led by one of their own. The music is powerful and sublime.

While still singing and making amazing music a capella, the Marshallese form a line.

The beloved honored guests are given gifts...

...and hugs.

Then everyone wants pictures with the honored guests.

This young adult exemplifies how they all feel about the Lytles - it's worth a thousand words.


  1. The chapel there soooo looks like the chapel I knew so well in New Caledonia. Enjoy!

  2. Kevin, it's great to see that you are viewing the blog - I'm so grateful for your preview of the South Pacific when I was at Kim's before I left - what I felt from you is what I feel here - an amazing, enveloping acceptance and joy in being together and sharing in who the island people are. The greater joy is is seeing how the Gospel is creating greater joy, for all of us.